IT gives new meaning to the term ‘freehouse’ to describe an independent pub in the UK.

A tiny village in Cuenca is offering a free house to anyone who can save their only pub.

In a desperate battle against depopulation, Villalgordo del Marquesado town hall is giving away the bar and some of its contents free of charge.

It comes after the bar closed in December, leaving the remaining 76 locals with nowhere to go for a cana.

“We are offering the bar, its heating, a fridge and also a house to anyone who can take over,” said mayor Natalio Valencia.

“The bar is the place where everyone in the village gets together, including those who come on the weekend.

Villalgordo Del Marquesado Bar
Inland village offers free house to anyone who can save its only pub

“If we lose the bar, where will we see one another?”

She added that the new landlord would only need to pay the social security contributions and the electricity bill.

The free property is situated right next door.

Villalgordo, which sits in rolling countryside just under two hours from Madrid, has seen its population half in 30 years.

So far four applications have been received from as far as Barcelona and Alicante.

Anyone interested in the offer call the town hall on 969290201 or send an email to


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