AFFINITY Spain is a multi award winning and fully regulated real estate agency located in the heart of the Costa del Sol. In a Q+A with real estate agency Affinity Spain, Managing Director Mia Pearlman spoke exclusively to the Olive Press.

Mia Pearlman from Costa del Sol estate agency Affinity Spain provides the inside scoop on the property market right now.
Managing Director Mia Pearlman
  1. What is the property market in Spain like at the moment, are you noticing a pick up post COVID?

For the first time we have a genuine property boom.

The prices are rising at a steady and sure rate, based on inflation and not banks over lending. 

Despite the price increase on almost every type of property in the coast, the Costa del Sol is still cheaper than most other coastal holiday destinations in Europe. 

2.    Are you seeing any trends in the type of sales you are doing at the moment?

Yes, there is a new league of buyer now, and it’s fuelling the high end market, mainly the villa market. Quite literally it’s a property boom in itself, with high end properties reaching new records in terms of sales price/price per square metre. 

3.    What’s planned for the year ahead?

2021 has been our biggest year ever and we are looking to expand even further, we have doubled the size of our workforce.

Covid is well and truly on the back-burner for our clients, and the market has rebounded back stronger than ever. We are excited to see Marbella and surrounding areas breaking new records! 

4.    Are you seeing a Brexit impact, fewer Brits buying houses?

We have not seen a decline due to Brexit; the Brits love Spain, and that will never change.

Unless people are looking to fully relocate out here it’s not really an issue.

However, our market has also diversified, with many more German, Dutch, and French buyers than we have previously seen, so it seems Marbella is going back to being a truly cosmopolitan destination.

5.    Which areas do you see as being good for investment?

I would advise any buying client or investor to tick as may boxes as possible when looking for a property, that way it always remains the most saleable or rentable property, even in a downturn.

Those tick boxes include sea/mountain views, decent terrace size, and as close to amenities as possible, also close proximity to the beach is always a valuable asset to have.

Most people have a car on the coast, so a 10-minute journey is generally acceptable. As always, buying the worst house in the best street is very savvy move, although they are getting very hard to find nowadays!

If I could give only one message to your readers it would be that right now, this market is a vendor’s market. For the first time in 10 years, vendors have the majority of the control and are in the strongest position we have seen for some time.

If you are looking to sell, the time is now. No question. 

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