RULES around face coverings are easing across Spain, but they are still required in some settings, specifically indoor public spaces.

Following recent debates between the central government and the autonomous authorities in regards to the possible elimination of face masks indoors—with experts pointing towards the end of April as a possible date—the Junta remains reluctant to do away with face coverings in indoor public places.

While communities such as Madrid are calling for the elimination of masks indoors, the Junta considers that it is ‘not yet time’ for this rule to be lifted.

In fact Jesus Aguirre, Andalucia’s Regional Minister for Health and Families, has clearly expressed his opinion that face masks are an effective safety measure in preventing the spread of coronavirus and that it is ‘too soon’ to lift this measure.

During an interview with Canal Sur Radio, Aguirre indicated that the Junta has only considered the possible elimination of face coverings for schoolchildren in classrooms, in order to facilitate children’s learning. A measure that is likely to take place after the Easter holidays.

Aguirre also considers that the elimination of masks indoors would clearly lower the perception of risk by the population, something that, according to the health minister, must be avoided because ‘the virus is still with us and precautions must continue to be taken.’

“The mask is the most effective element in the face of possible contagion”, Aguirre said, who insists that face masks should continue to be obligatory indoors.

Furthermore, the Junta has recommended that face masks should continue to be used in crowded outdoor events such as those that will take place during Easter Week.


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