POLICE in Madrid have arrested a Ukrainian man who is believed to have brought two teenage girls into Spain with the intention of exploiting them as sex workers.

He was detained in Mendez Alvaro bus station after a fellow passenger reported his suspicious behaviour.

“A member of an NGO who was on the same bus as this man, reported the strange intentions of this individual,” a spokesperson from Policia Nacional told the Olive Press. 

“The man alleged that he was the girl’s uncle. However, after checking the passports of this individual and the minors, we realised that he was lying,” they added.

Officers believe that he brought the girls from Jerson in Ukraine and was heading for Malaga after convincing their families that he would get them to safety.

However, the Policia Nacional believe he intended to force them into sex work. 

One of the girls was allegedly in a relationship with the man and convinced her friend to accompany them.

Police said their suspicions were further raised by the contents of their luggage. One suitcase contained €4,300 in cash and some drugs and another was full of outfits such as denim hotpants as well as cosmetics.

The man was arrested on crimes of people trafficking and child abduction and the girls have been placed with a specialised team trained to deal with the victims of trafficking.


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