DESPITE recent storms through the region, Orihuela Costa beaches WILL be open in time for Easter, claim local authorities.

These beaches prove incredibly popular with expats at most times of year, including La Zenia, Playa Flamenca and Cabo Roig.

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READY: La Zenia Beach, Orihuela Costa
IMAGE CREDIT: Simon Wade @ Olive Press, Spain

They were visited in person yesterday by Orihuela’s Councillor for Beaches and the Councillor for Infrastructure.

Both were there to oversee and coordinate the urgent recovery program taken out in the aftermath of recent storms.

The Olive Press reported only on Wednesday 6 that high tides had taken away tonnes of sand on some beaches, revealing dangerous rocks previously unseen.

Additionally, small turtles and baby dolphins that couldn’t fight against the storms had also been washed up on beaches in the north of the region.

Jellyfish and dead dolphins washed up as beaches bereft of sand threaten Easter tourism on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Beaches councillor, Dámaso Aparicio, commented on the near continuous battle to preserve the beaches in the last few weeks, ““We are doing a sprint coordinating teams from the  Departments of Infrastructure, Beaches and Street Cleaning so our eleven blue flags look better than ever.”

Explaining, “We started at the beginning of the month with cleaning of algae, screening and treatment so we already had the work somewhat advanced”.

Both councillors claim that beaches will be ready and open for this Palm Sunday.

This includes walkways, footbaths, and the introduction of lifeguards, also.

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