MALAGA–Costa del Sol Airport is the best recovering airport in Spain post pandemic.

Last month 9,677 planes landed and took off at Malaga airport, which was only 1.1% less than in March 2019, according to official data published this Tuesday, April 12, by Airport operator Aena.

It is worth noting that 2019 was an all-time record for flight traffic at Malaga airport.

Though the number of flights is practically the same as those registered in March 2019, the actual passenger volume is less, however, as the airlines in general are still finding it difficult to fill their planes completely because the fear of contagion is still latent and because of the political and economic uncertainties that have arisen following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Regardless, airlines are heavily betting on the Costa del Sol as a prime tourist destination, with airline giant Ryanair announcing the largest volume of routes in its history to the Costa del Sol this summer and Easyjet also stating it will be increasing its destinations and frequencies to Malaga.

Between January and March, 2.74 million passengers passed through Malaga airport, 19.7% less than before the pandemic. In Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca the decrease compared to 2019 has been 32%, 39% and 22% respectively.


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