PLANNING has been approved to finally finish Malaga’s cathedral after 240 years.

The construction work was given the green light by the government’s culture ministry this week following calls from the Bishop of Malaga to put a sloping roof over the structure, as the original architect intended in 1764.

The new roof will be made of wood and steel to match the stonework of the cathedral and will include a new walkway that allows visitors to walk up it.

Cathedra Snip
Malaga’s cathedral has long been in need of refurbishment.
Photo: Wikipedia.

Final agreement on funding has yet to be agreed, with the church needing to find some €10 million, though some of that is expected to be paid by the council. 

The bishop declared he wanted work to start as soon as possible with the Mayor promising to fast track construction. 

However, there are no plans to replace the now famous missing tower that has given the cathedral its nickname La Manquita, meaning the one-armed lady. 

Work on the cathedral was halted in 1782, and since then a weaker makeshift roof has had to protect it from the elements.

In the past few years the roof has steadily gotten more leaky with concerns that the structure could suffer foundational damage if action is not taken.


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