THE world’s largest database for learning Spanish as a second language has been created by researchers at the University of Granada.

The Granada-based team has also created a free web application called ´CEDEL2´ that responds to international research and teaching needs of Spanish.

The CEDEL2 application is free and provides Spanish learners with a range of resources like oral recordings and written texts.

Spanish speakers from both Spain and across Latin America are recorded on the database, along with Spanish learners of a dozen different mother tongues including English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and German.

The system then assesses how far learners’ language levels are from the native speakers.

The aim of the database is to understand how the language unfolds in the minds of learners, creating a tool that can be used by teachers to help their students avoid making the same errors as other Spanish learners.

Coordinated by the University of Granada, researchers from eleven universities have worked towards the project. 


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