A PETITION has been launched by British expats calling for the Spanish government to recognise British driving licences.

British and Spanish authorities have been involved in ongoing negotiations to strike a post-Brexit deal that would continue to allow Brits living in Spain to easily exchange their driving licences for Spanish ones.

But the Spanish government refused to extend a transition deal for a fourth time and from May 1, those Brits who have been in Spain for longer than six months are no longer allowed to legally drive here on a British licence. Instead they must pass the Spanish driving test, an ordeal that has left hundreds of not thousands of expats without transportation.

The petition is reflective of the anger many Brits feel now that they are unable to drive in Spain.
Photo: petition.parliament.uk

Now an online petition has been launched to try and have the issue debated in the British parliament.

The petition, titled ‘Seek to negotiate mutual recognition of UK and Spanish driving licences’ has attracted over 1,200 signatures within just a few days.

The accompanying text says: “There are many factors which affected expats’ ability to register their intent to exchange their UK licence for a Spanish one prior to the 30 December 2020 deadline imposed as a result of Brexit. Please help expats who are stuck in remote areas of Spain and need to be able to drive to access, shops doctors, and hospital appointments.”

The petition can be signed HERE.

Online petitions require 10,000 signatures for an official response from the UK government while 100,000 signatures guarantees the petition is considered for debate in Parliament.


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