ANDALUCIA has a total of 17,824 Ukrainians in the region who have applied for temporary protection, which includes accommodation and a work permit.

As reported by the government delegate in Andalucia, Pedro Fernandez, on the occasion of the commemoration of World Refugee Day, yesterday June 20, almost 18,000 Ukrainian citizens have completed the process for temporary protection in Andalucia, with a total of 124,000 Ukrainians to have processed for refugee protection in the whole of Spain.

A process that is carried out at the Immigration offices and National Police stations, additionally in Andalucia in the Ukrainian ‘Reception, Care and Referral Centre’ in Malaga.

In order to start the procedure, the interested parties must go to the authorised points, where they are attended by officials of the National Police with the support of interpreters.

The applications for the residence permit are usually approved within 24 hours by the Asylum and Refugee Office of the Ministry of the Interior and a work permit is also granted for those of legal age.

Spain has set up a portal that provides information on services, telephone numbers and addresses, and places to carry out formalities. Click here for more information in Spanish, and here in Ukrainian.


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