VISITORS to the spectacular cave complex in Nerja will soon be able to enjoy rock art via a virtual reality experience.

In a drive to modernise the Cuevas de Nerja and attract tourists again following a major drop in visitors due to the pandemic, the managers of the cave complex, thanks to the development of a 3D modeling, virtual reality experience by a team from the University of Cordoba (UCO), have been given the greenlight to go proceed with the proposed virtual reality experience.

The development of this project will permit a rare trip inside the home of one of the world’s most breathtaking caves and allow visitors to navigate spaces that cannot be seen by the public due to their fragility.

The caves will soon have two virtual reality rooms, each with a capacity of 65 people, for visitors to enjoy an additional rock art experience at the end of their tour.

Additionally, the VR experience will permit visitors who cannot access the cave for health or mobility reasons, given it has 359 steps to negotiate in a circular route around the complex, the possibility to join in the rock art experience using the VR headsets.

The Cuevas de Nerja will be the first monument in Spain to incorporate a 360-degree experience to its facilities permitting, at the same time, to save one of the country’s most mysterious and fragile ecosystems.


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