By Livia Cockerell

MORE people are turning away from city breaks in favour of opting for a rural getaway in Spain. 

According to Andalucia travel agency, there has been a significant increase in the demand for houses outside of the cities in Andalucia.

Already, 81% of Ruralholidays’ accommodation is booked up for July and 85% for August. Malaga is the most popular destination for a rural getaway, followed by Granada and Cadiz.

According to their statistics, tourist demands are becoming more diversified with more and more wanting private accommodation with pools and bbqs. 

It is thought this may be a result of the pandemic with people’s lifestyles changing with an increased need for privacy as well as social distancing.

It is not only during the high season that people seem to be flocking to the rural areas of Andalucia, however.

In September, Ruralholidays had already reported a 48% occupancy. 

The main clients demanding these getaways are Spanish, English and German.


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