TAXI industry professionals have said an exam for prospective drivers is too hard to pass.

And the Mallorca’s taxi driver association says this is one of the main reasons why it is taking so long to hail a cab on the island.

The association’s president Biel Moragues said ‘it makes no sense that we need more taxis and yet there are such difficult exams’. 

The average pass rate for the taxi driver exam in Mallorca is 30%. 

In a recent sitting, just 20 candidates out of 150 passed and were awarded their taxi driving licences. 

Palma’s councillor for mobility Francesc Dalmau has responded to the criticisms by insisting that the exam is passable and stated ‘we can’t make a gift of the exam’.

Some 695 new taxi drivers have qualified in the last five years in Mallorca. 

In addition to the driving aspects, taxi drivers in Mallorca must also demonstrate a minimum knowledge of Catalan, one of the island’s official languages. 


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