ON average, six people die on Spanish roads every day and this year has seen nearly 800 people die in Spain as a result of road traffic crashes.

The tireless efforts and continuous warnings from the Spanish traffic authority, DGT, the Guardia Civil and the Ministry of the Interior, including exhaustive controls, fines and road safety campaign have not borne fruit.

In fact, just this summer over 200 people have died on Spanish roads, and, as the DGT has stated on social media: “these are not figures, they are broken lives, shattered families”.

The decrease in traffic during the hardest months of the pandemic covered up a reality that with the return to normality is, unfortunately, unveiling itself.

If in 2021 there were more than a thousand deaths accumulated on Spanish roads, in 2022, with still fifteen weeks to go, and almost 800 fatalities already registered, the numbers don’t look promising.

According to data provided by the DGT, up to September 11, 792 people have died in road accidents on Spanish roads: 222 on highways or freeways and 570 on other roads. 291 of them are included in the register of ‘vulnerable’ road users: 172 motorcyclists, 74 pedestrians, 9 on mopeds, 1 on MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) and 35 cyclists.


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