SOME 71% of people surveyed believe the economic situation of Spain is bad or very bad.

Just 18.4% consider that the economy is ‘not bad’ or good.

In the survey by broadcaster Antena 3, people were also asked their forecast for rising prices  – some 82% think that theprice of gas would increase during the next month.

But also, electricity, food and petrol would be more expensive.

The inflation has heavily affected Pedro’s Sanchez government – another survey published by Antena 3 predicted that if the general elections were held today, Partido Popular would win the general elections.

Earlier this year Prime Minister Sanchez warned that the Russian invasion of Ukraine would impact Spain’s economy and cause an increase in energy bills.

But in terms of tourism, the impact would likely be small.

“The result will be an economic slowdown and less investment at a key moment for Europe as we consolidate the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis,” said Sanchez.

Luckily the impact on Spain will be ‘more limited’ than other European countries as imports from Russia only amount to 4.6% of oil and 8% of gas.


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