Malaga’s reservoir water levels are much lower than last year, with one of the province’s main dams dangerously close to being declared a “dead reservoir”. 

Viñuela’s reservoir is currently at 10.91% of its total capacity which is 164,37 cubic hectometres.

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The reservoir of La Viñuela, below minimum levels this autumn. Image Wikipedia

In 2008, it registered its lowest figure at 9.2%.

“This year it is the seventh driest year, since we have available data in Malaga,” said the director of the Malaga Meteorological Center, Jesus Riesco in a statement.

This is the most dramatic case in Malaga, with the water level across all reservoirs at just 40.86%.

Due to the dramatic situation of reservoirs in Malaga, the council passed several economic measures to deal with the matter. 

La Viñuela reservoir supplies water to approximately 180,000 inhabitants of Andalucia and supplies water for irrigation to 6,200 hectares.

It is going to be soon declared as a ‘dead reservoir’ which happens when a reservoir falls below 11%.

In Cordoba, the reservoirs are also at minimum levels, Sierra Boyera reservoir is at 9% – one year ago on the same date it was at 34%.

The average level of water in Andalucia’s reservoirs are at 25%, according to official data from la Junta de Andalucia.


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