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Choosing the perfect outfits for a destination wedding

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Destination weddings have been popular for a long while, but it feels like they have been having a real moment in the last few years. And it is hardly surprising – destination weddings are awesome!

Destination weddings are unlike any other style of wedding. They tend to be vibrant, exciting affairs, often in exotic locations, and are often a little more casual than the classic ‘church and reception’ style of nuptials.

As a result, they require an entirely different style of outfit. Choosing what to wear to a destination wedding is extremely important, not least because you’ll need to pack a bag with everything you are going to need for at least a couple of days! Destination weddings will also come with a variety of events, occasions, and settings, so choosing outfits that work for the entire wedding is a big part of planning what to wear.

So if you are heading off on a cruise through the Western Caribbean for your best friend’s big day, here are a few ideas for how to dress for the occasion!

Go bold with color and print

Destination weddings are a chance to really have a little fun with your wedding outfit. As mentioned above, they tend to be slightly more relaxed and casual affairs, so you can be a little more creative with colors and prints. Why not take the opportunity to dress according to your destination? Tropical prints make a great dress choice for beach weddings, and little details (floral shoes? Pineapple buttons? Colorful socks?) can add a little pop to your outfit as well.

Pack for versatility

Destination weddings tend to include several separate parts, and multiple individual events, within the overall wedding. You might have a brunch, the ceremony on a beach, and the reception at a swankier venue, followed by a casual lunch the next day. Everyone has traveled a long way to be there, so it makes sense to make the most of the time you have. As a result, outfits that offer a little versatility and can be worn on different occasions, or accessorized to suit a number of different styles, are a wonderful choice for a destination wedding.

Go for light fabrics with elegant layers

Destination weddings tend to be held in hotter climates, and if you are attending a ceremony on a beach or with a jungle background, you’ll want to look great while staying as cool as possible. Light, breezy fabrics like linen, chiffon, or organza look great but help you avoid overheating in the sun. After the sunset, things can get a little cooler, so some elegant layers or a smart scarf can help keep the evening chill away.

Pick relaxed shoes

Destination beach weddings are a blast, but you do want to consider your footwear carefully. Walking on the sand in heels or formal shoes can be a real pain! Luckily the more relaxed nature of a destination wedding means you can be more chilled out in your shoe choices. Flats are a great idea, or any shoe that you can slip on and off easily. Just don’t forget a pedi if you are planning on going open-toed!

No shorts, and watch the breeze!

However, there is a line to be drawn even at the most casual of destination weddings, and unless the invitations have explicitly allowed them, shorts on men should be avoided at all times! For women, it is worth considering dress length, for more practical reasons, as beach weddings can be surprisingly breezy, and a short dress can get blown all over the place with a poorly timed gust of wind!

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