POLICE busted a souvenir shop that sold cocaine and weed under the counter on the Benalmadena esplanade in Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Agents from the Policia Nacional UDEV violent crime unit arrested four people during the investigation and seized 334 grams of cocaine, 23 grams of hashish and 2 grams of weed.

Agents from the Torremolinos police station started the investigation in September when they noticed that a person known to them was selling cocaine at a medium to small scale.

They soon found out he and his partner had a souvenir shop on the Benalmadena paseo maritimo.

After cornering a few customers coming out of the business with cocaine, it confirmed original suspicions it was being used as a front.

Police agents then got judicial permission to raid both the shop and the suspect’s home.

They found the cocaine packaged in half gram, 3 gram and 5 gram gift packages with the bulk of it in the shop’s false ceiling.

Apart from the illegal drugs, police agents confiscated nearly €7,000 in cash, a car, a motorbike, nine mobile phones and a records book of the transactions.

A Torremolinos court then ordered the detention of the group’s leader until his trial.


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