NOVEMBER may be fast approaching, but Spain is still enjoying unusually warm temperatures for this time of year. Last night saw the thermometers as high as 25ºC in parts of Cantabria, which is some 14ºC above the norm. 

Meanwhile, San Sebastián in the northern Basque Country region registered 28ºC this morning, with a minimum temperature forecast as high as 23ºC. 

According to Andrés Gómez, a weatherman from state broadcaster TVE, 40 weather measuring stations could be on course to break the record for the highest minimum temperatures ever seen in October. “No, this isn’t at all normal,” he wrote via Twitter.

According to the AEMET state weather service, temperatures today could be as high as 34ºC in Andalucía, 32ºC in Lleida and Seville, 31ºC in Córdoba and 30ºC in Murcia. 

These unusual temperatures are expected to persist this weekend, which will be a long one for many thanks to the national holiday on Tuesday November 1 for All Saints Day. 

According to AEMET spokesperson Beatriz Hervella, this month is sufficiently anomalous “to be considered the hottest October in Spain” since the current statistical series began in 1961, she told Spanish daily El Mundo

There will, however, be respite for residents of Galicia and the north of Extremadura, where rain is forecast in the coming days, as well as in parts of the Castilla y León region.

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