SINCE Russia invaded Ukraine, over eight months ago, some 13,000 Ukrainian refugees now have temporary protection in Malaga—about 61% of the total granted in Andalucia.

Since its opening on 10 March, the Ministry of Interior has documented some 21,305 refugees with temporary protection for one year in Andalucia; the fourth region in the whole of Spain that has processed and granted more protections, behind Valencia (38,873), Catalonia (34,070) and Madrid (22,002).

By provinces, Malaga has so far registered the highest number of temporary protections for Ukrainian refugees in Andalucia, with a total of 12,949, followed by the provinces of Sevilla, with 1,955, and Almeria, with 1,717.

In total, Spain had already granted 150,078 temporary protections to those who have fled due to the war in Ukraine.

A figure which places the country among those that have granted more protections to citizens and residents in Ukraine.

The Temporary Protection Directive, which is being activated for the first time in the EU since its approval in 2001, allows access to immediate protection and grants work and residence permits to Ukrainians, as well as stateless persons and third-country nationals with legal residence in Ukraine who cannot return to their country.


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