AFTER a stable weekend the start of the week will continue with clear skies and spring-like temperatures.

If the forecasts are correct, the week will begin with highs of 23ºC in much of the province, but as of Wednesday clouds will enter from the west in the early hours of Wednesday morning and bring with them much-needed rain.

That said, the chance of precipitation is only at 40% on Wednesday in the capital of the Costa del Sol and 60% on Thursday and, unfortunately, the forecast rainfall is not expected to reach the Axarquia region.

Friday night will see more rain clouds form in the west, which are expected to bring heavier rain, accompanied by thunderstorms along the west coast and the Serrania de Ronda.

The instability in the western part of the province of Malaga will continue until the early hours of next Saturday.

Meanwhile, today, Monday November 7, will be another sunny day in Malaga with clear skies expected and highs between 23-24ºC across much of the province.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, temperatures will remain unchanged, although a couple of degrees warmer in Malaga capital.

Clouds will settle in the region of Antequera but the rest of the province will have high clouds and stable weather.


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