SHAKIRA and her former partner Gerard Piqué have reportedly reached an agreement over the terms of their separation. The two children that the Colombian singing superstar and now ex-Barcelona FC footballer have will be going to Miami to live with their mother.

The couple were engaged in nearly 12 hours of negotiations in their former shared home on Monday, with the meeting ending gone midnight according to reports from news agency GTRES and Spanish daily El Mundo. 

When their respective lawyers left the residence, they told waiting reporters that “both sides have ended up happy”, promising that a full statement would soon be released about the deal.

Meanwhile, sources close to the couple told El Mundo’s LOC supplement that the children, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, will be headed to Miami in order to prioritise “their wellbeing”. Shakira has another residence in the south Floridan city, in which her maternal family lives. 

Although they never married, Shakira and Piqué were in a relationship for 12 years. There were press reports that the footballer had cheated on the singer toward the end of their time together, but neither of the two has ever confirmed this. 

The announcement in June that the pair were breaking up came as a surprise to fans. 

Piqué announced his retirement from professional football via social media last week, playing his final game with Barcelona FC on Saturday against Almería. 

Shakira, meanwhile, is still facing trial in a tax evasion case in Spain. After she refused to take a deal, the singer is likely to see the inside of a courtroom over allegations that she was living in Spain while paying taxes elsewhere. Prosecutors are calling for an eight-year jail sentence and a €23.8 million fine if she is found guilty.

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