THE Malaga-Costa del Sol airport, one of Spain’s busiest airports, has ended 2022 with 1.4 million passengers short of the 2019 record.

Malaga airport has bounced back in 2022, recovering 93% of the passengers who passed through the infrastructure in 2019, a year in which it reached a historic figure of 19.8 million passengers.

According to recent data provided by the Spanish Airport and Air navigation Administration (Aena), the Malaga aerodrome has closed 2022 with 18,457,194 passengers, which is 1.4 million short of the record number of tourists achieved before the outbreak of the Covid pandemic.

The positive traffic trend is due to the dynamism shown throughout the year by both domestic and international traffic.

The bulk of the passengers counted in 2022 travelled on commercial routes tallied 18,398,167, of which more than 3.3 million travelled to or from a Spanish city.

The remaining 15,075,792 opted for flights abroad, which accounted for 82% of the total volume of annual commercial travellers.

In terms of international markets, the countries with the highest demand last year all exceeded one million passengers, with United Kingdom leading the way.

A total of 4,772,427 passengers arrived at Malaga airport on flights from the UK, followed by Germany (1,217,710), Holland (1,132,049) and France (1,047,497).

Additionally, passengers on domestic flights exceeded the 2019 figures by 12.7%, consolidating the domestic market as the second busiest market at the Malaga-Costa del Sol airport, the top international aerodrome in the south of Spain.


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