FOR 20 years the Swedish School Marbella has been giving its students the very best education – 20 years of excellence 2003 – 2023.

Founded in 2003, the school offers Swedish-speaking children the excellent education that they would receive in their native Scandinavian country.

This means that not only is the school certified by the Swedish National Agency for Education, but also that all of the teachers gained their qualifications in Sweden. As such, they provide a responsible, flexible and creative environment for children to flourish personally and in their education.

Svenska Skolan Marbella

The small classes mean that students can thrive in a harmonious atmosphere, which enables each child to receive the best possible education; this also provides children with a safe and productive space where excellent one-on-one guidance can be accessed.

Every child is treated as unique, making them feel seen, heard and accepted for who they are.

Swedish School

The school offers the Swedish curriculum from preschool (3-5 years) through to elementary year F6 (6-12 years). Pupils aged between the ages of 13 to 18 receive a different type of education through two virtual schools based in Stockholm, providing online education for years 7 – 9 and years 10 – 12. With full-time teacher support and guidance, pupils take part in the excellent online studies provided by the Swedish curriculum in a social and engaging school environment. They also benefit from all of the perks of the school including healthy, home-cooked lunches, school trips and physical education.

Svenska Skolan Isabel Saunders Lagrillière Ceo And Co Founder
Isabel Saunders-Lagrillière CEO and co-founder of the Svenska Skolan

As well as promoting good health through nutritious meals that are very popular with the students, the physical education provided benefits from the school’s wonderful garden, 25 metre swimming pool, artificial turf for football and access to large play areas with climbing trees and sandbox.

The school is also close to a large park and within walking distance of the beach.

Located in a beautiful natural area in Marbella near Puerto Banús, The Swedish School offers the best start in education and personal growth.

Find out more at:

Urb. la Alzambra, Local, 3-1, 29660 Marbella, Málaga

Phone952 86 82 52

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