Hundreds of flights between Spain and Germany are expected to be cancelled due to strikes amid strikes among German transport workers.

The shortfall in ‘high-paying’ German tourists, recently courted by tourism bosses in the Balearics and Canarias, will hit tourist regions trying to ‘move away’ from British tourism.

Airlines have already been forced to suspend 81 out of 191 scheduled departures this morning, expected to affect a total of 380,000 passengers.

The Balearics government has stated its intention to keep tourist numbers at no more than last year’s 16 million visitors.

Huge price rises have seen to that, with the price of a hotel room on the seafront in Magaluf rising from €40 per night to closer to €400.

Unions in both the aviation sector and in ports, long-distance and regional trains, highways, and all local transport have been involved in the strikes. 

They are demanding a decent pay rise that reaches 10.5% to mitigate the impact of inflation on the pockets of both companies and workers.

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