SIXTEEN arrests were made in Madrid on Sunday, after a mass brawl broke out on a Madrid Metro train in the early hours of the morning. Two people were injured in the fight, one of whom was stabbed. 

The incident between groups of youngsters began at 6.45am, and was caught on videos that have been widely circulated on social media (see tweets below). 

The fighting started as the Line 10 train was about to arrive in the Batan station, located in the southwest of the Spanish capital. 

As can be seen in the videos, the youngsters are using their belts and even shoes as weapons, and at least one knife was present according to Spanish press reports. 

Members of the public were quick to move away from the fighting, which spilled out onto the platform at Batan once the train arrived. 

The youngsters then started throwing stones from the train tracks at each other, before a group of them tried to run away from the scene via the rails, prompting Metro de Madrid to suspend the service. 

Video images from the train showed significant blood stains on the floor of the carriages, presumably from the stabbing victim.

Despite reports that the fight was between ‘Latin gangs’, this was ruled out by the central government’s delegate in Madrid, Mercedes Gonzalez. 

Among the detainees were 12 adults and four minors, according to regional TV station Telemadrid, with a range of different nationalities.

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