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Police in Madrid arrest 18 people after knife and machete fight breaks out between members of Latin gang

SPAIN’S National Police have made 18 arrests as they continue to investigate a massive brawl that took place outside a nightclub in the early...

‘Enough with drugs, drunks and fights’: Residents of Palma neighbourhood up in arms over gangs and yobs in Spain’s...

THE citizens of a troubled, gang-ridden Palma neighbourhood are up in arms over ongoing yobbish and thuggish behaviour. Residents of Carrer Faust Bonafe in Son...

Watch: Fight that broke out on Madrid Metro system leaves youngster with stab wounds

SIXTEEN arrests were made in Madrid on Sunday, after a mass brawl broke out on a Madrid Metro train in the early hours of...

Violent gangs of Spain clash in Palma de Mallorca as police struggle to keep control of the streets

Street gang violence has flared up this week as hordes of youths armed with machetes and baseball bats have clashed in the alleyways of...

Armed gang of youths on bicycles terrorise Valencian towns in Spain, injure police officers

A GROUP of between 60 and 100 youths on bicycles terrorised residents in the Valencia area on Saturday night, eventually injuring three police officers...

Four arrested in Spain over violent kidnap and torture of social network founder Zaryn Dentzel

SPAIN’S National Police have made four arrests over the violent attack in November 2021 on Zaryn Dentzel, the founder of Spanish social network Tuenti. The...

Madrid police investigate gang links to two fatal shootings in just 24 hours 

POLICE in the Madrid region are investigating two shootings in the space of just 24 hours that left a 21-year-old man and a 19-year-old...

Fake insurance claims soared in Spain during first year of COVID-19 pandemic

BOGUS insurance claims rose by 21% in 2020 compared to 2019, according to Linea Directa's 'Insurance Fraud Barometer' published on Monday. The insurer says there...

Rival Swedish gangs based on the Costa del Sol involved in Fuengirola shooting

THE National Police have arrested seven members of two extremely violent Swedish criminal gangs in the towns of Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola and Alicante. The gangs, based on the Costa del Sol, have...

All Saints’ Day shooting at cemetery in Spain’s Valencia was revenge attack

THE family of the Valencia shooting sought a revenge attack from an incident that occurred five years ago. The Policia Nacional in Valencia have launched...

Irish mobster Gerry the Monk Hutch arrested in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol

AN Irish gang boss implicated in the notorious Regency Hotel boxing event shooting in Dublin has been arrested on the Costa del Sol. Gerry ‘The...

Drug gang that robbed other gangs on Costa del Sol dismantled by Spain’s Guardia Civil

A DRUGS gang that robbed other drug gangs on the Costa del Sol has been dismantled by the Guardia Civil.

Brit fugitive arrested in Spain on conspiracy to murder charges remanded in custody by Manchester court

A BRITON extradited from Spain has appeared in court charged with conspiracy to murder. Jamie Rothwell, 33, was detained by Policia Nacional in Barcelona last...

Old man shot dead on balcony on Spain’s Costa del Sol in firefight between rival gangs

Police carried out several raids on homes in the city through the night, reportedly finding ammunition suitable for Ak-47 assault rifles

Spain to deport up to 130 Latin American gang leaders from Madrid

The new initiative aims to break up criminal organisations before they take hold

Hells Angels drug supplier arrested in Madrid

Hells Angels money launderer arrested in Madrid after a year hiding out in Malaga

Southern Spain is the animal trafficking gateway to Europe

Authorities in southern Spain are fighting against Europe’s growing animal trafficking problem

Police to clamp down on Spain’s criminal biker gangs

Spanish authorities pledge to prevent a criminal biker gang culture from developing

Spanish police arrest 35 in crackdown on violent Latin American gangs

Knives, fake guns, drugs and documents were also seized in raids across the country
Axarqiua Drugs

Drugs clampdown

Two drug gangs closed in Velez Malaga

People smuggling crackdown in Spain and the UK

UK Border Agency and Guardia Civil arrest 19 as part of operation MARLO

Return of the Spanish highwayman

British motorists in Spain warned to watch out for elaborate scams that have fooled thousands

Arrests for selling ‘entry tickets’ to Gibraltar

La Linea mayor has vowed to work with the enclave to fight the ‘scoundrel frontier gangs’




Animal shelter popular with British expats is ordered to close ‘for making too much noise’ on Spain’s Costa del...

AN animal shelter on Spain’s Costa del Sol has been forced to close for ‘making too much noise’.  It comes after neighbours complained about the...


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