A DRUGS gang that robbed other drug gangs on the Costa del Sol has been dismantled by the Guardia Civil.

A total of 11 people were arrested as part of five arrests that took place across the entire of Andalucia, namely in Malaga, Fuengirola, Mijas and Algeciras.

During the investigation, a total of 12 firearms, two assault rifles, one submachine gun, seven pistols and two shotguns, ammunition and chargers, bulletproof vests, geolocation devices, endoscopic cameras were all confiscated by the authorities.

The gang had all this military style gear in order to use it in its gang war against rivals organisations, with the purpose of crippling their organisations and stealing their product.

The investigation began in February 2019 when the agents detected the existence of organisations dedicated to drug trafficking using firearms, including weapons of war.

The gang would often change their vehicles in order to evade the police and would not hesitate to be involved in high speed car chases.

In extreme situations, the criminals would ram their cars into police vehicles in order to escape from the authorities.

Drug thefts were carried out in a particularly violent manner, leaving behind vehicles riddled with bullet holes.

Bullet holes also riddled the homes of rival gang members, when attacks became personal.

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