HE has been at it for two decades… but now the world has changed, is it time for Leapy Lee to stop his racist rants?

Those who have been unfortunate enough to read his rants in the Euro Weekly News have long known of his hatred of Muslims.

Leapy Lee
BIGOT-IN-CHIEF: Euro Weekly News columnist Leapy Lee

He has stirred up resentment against Britain’s Islamic community on a regular basis for years.

Without a shred of evidence he makes statements like: “These fanatics will one day find themselves sitting cross-legged on the carpets of Westminster, issuing out the rulings of Sharia, sending out legions of men with sledge-hammers and drills to our precious museums and chopping off heads in Trafalgar Square.”

Formerly known for his one hit single, Little Arrows in 1968, Lee, who is based in Mallorca, was jailed in the UK for a knife attack against a pub landlord, which might give an insight into his mind-set.

But it has to be said that Lee does not just single out the Muslim world – which he lumps together as one, tarring all followers of the religion with the same extremist brush.

Leapy 2
RANT: Loopy Lee on violence in London (2018)
Leapy 1
DIVISIVE: Loopy Lee on British Muslims and terrorism (2015)

He has also recently waded in on the Black Lives Matter movement. 

His recent column on the BLM protests in the UK, actually blames THEM for creating racism.

“BLM demonstrations have managed to create more racial divisions in society than any other movement in living memory,” he wrote last month.

Then, forgetting to present any evidence more than his own prejudiced views he said: “As far as stop and search is concerned, the problem there is that the percentage of criminality, particularly among young black men, is so high it stands to reason they are going to be targeted.”

Leapy 3
RACIST: Loopy Lee blaming high COVID-19 death rates among UK’s ethnic communities on ‘their failure to follow the rules’ (2020)
Ewn Poll Racist
DISGRACE: Last week’s Euro Weekly News poll labelled asylum seekers ‘modern day savages’ and was swiftly removed from Facebook

In his latest rant Lee – in the worst possible taste – raises the spectre of the holocaust ‘forecast by a politcian ‘far more intelligent and visionary than I’ in reference to BLM demos and ludicrously says the streets of Britain’s cities will soon resemble Beirut as he himself forecast 30 years ago.

Some years back he even claimed that Britain’s high rate of secondary infections in hospitals was due to its mostly Muslim cleaners who had lower hygiene standards.

Not only is the Euro Weekly News giving Lee the platform to spout his repugnant views, now the newspaper itself seems to have been infected with the same malaise.

Its Facebook page last week carried a poll that identified asylum seekers as ‘modern day savages.’ 

This provoked such a backlash, it was thankfully soon taken down – but for some reason the owners feel it appropriate to keep giving Loopy Lee the oxygen of publicity.

It really is time that his ‘articles’ were taken down too.


  1. This one-hit wonder (who still lives off the silly “Little Arrows” ditty) never got over the reality of his lack of talent. So then attempted to stay in the public eye by pouring his filth into a more-than-willing expat rag. One that appeals to those Brits who left the UK because, “there were too many damned foreigners there now”
    I once heard a Brit bar-owner actually mouth that fatuous phrase.

    Location : malaga
  2. Are you advocating the silencing of free speech? I hope not! There are disputes over where the quote originated but, “I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”, is the very foundation of the British ethos of free speech. Free speech is curtailed at our peril> Just ask the residents of Hong Kong.

    Location : UK

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