THE citizens of a troubled, gang-ridden Palma neighbourhood are up in arms over ongoing yobbish and thuggish behaviour.

Residents of Carrer Faust Bonafe in Son Ferriol have declared themselves ‘fed up’ especially with one local bar and its surroundings, which they say attracts the worst people.

Despite having over 35 years of history, locals claim that a bar called ‘El Tabernero’ has become an ‘absolute nightmare’ in recent months. 

They have started hanging banners from their balconies slamming ‘drugs, drunks, noise and fights’.

The outrage comes two weeks after local gangs in the neighbourhood clashed over control of marijuana farms, as the Olive Press reported at the time.

“When things get really heated is on weekends, starting from Friday,” one resident said. 

“During the week, there’s always someone who’s drunk or high and ends up starting fights. 

“Almost every day there are smells of weed and noise. We’re afraid to pass in front of this bar. 

“It’s scary, they’re always in the middle of everything, and you don’t know how they’re going to react. We’ve been threatened.”

Violence involving bats, knives and even swords has become commonplace between local gypsy gangs as well as youths from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil.


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