SPAIN’S National Police have made 18 arrests as they continue to investigate a massive brawl that took place outside a nightclub in the early hours of Saturday morning. Sources told Europa Press that the fight, which involved knives and machetes, was between members of the Latin gang Dominican Don’t Play.

Among those detained were eight minors and two women. The reason for the fight is so far unknown. 

Four people suffered knife wounds during the disturbance, which took place outside the Paris nightclub in the Aluche neighbourhood. 

The police located a number of weapons when they made their arrests, which took place shortly after the disturbance broke out. 

Last Tuesday, the police arrested eight members of the Dominican Don’t Play gang for the murder of a 16-year-old at the end of February, outside a nightclub in the Carabanchel neighbourhood in the south of Madrid. 

According to information from the central government delegation in Madrid, there are currently 800 Latin gang members in Madrid. Fights are usually between gangs such as Dominican Don’t Play and their rivals, the Ñetas and the Trinitarios. 

The Madrid regional government put into place a plan to combat the problem of gang violence a year ago, after a number of stabbings and murders, according to Spanish daily El Pais.

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