TWO ultralight aircraft collided near an aerodrome in Catalunya on Sunday with four people killed.

Firefighters found one plane on fire in a wooded area near the Moia aerodrome- 60 kilometres north of Barcelona- after being alerted by a witness at 10.44am who saw it lose altitude and crash.

The plane was totally burned and caused a fire in a wooded area of pine trees between the Fabrega and the plain of Boix, which was extinguished by firefighters who then recovered two bodies.

A farmer from Masia la Fabrega, saw it the ultralight falling on fire from the sky.

“We have gone there, the Mossos, the ambulance and the firefighters have come behind us. There was a column of smoke and it has ignited, all that,” he added.

Several hours later firefighters found a second damaged plane with two bodies inside about 300 metres from the first.

The authorities believe the two aircraft collided in the air, with police and civil aviation authorities investigating the cause of the accident.

Last July the pilot of an ultralight died when he crashed at the Moia airfield.

On that occasion, the victim, 74, was the only occupant of the plane.


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