28 Feb, 2015 @ 14:00
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Spain to deport up to 130 Latin American gang leaders from Madrid

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SPAIN is gearing up to deport 34 key members of violent Latin American gangs operating in Madrid.

The first two deportations will take place immediately, as part of the regional government’s new strategy for breaking up criminal networks before they take hold.

Those deported will also be banned from entering Spain for between five and 10 years.

The 34 leaders belong to five different gangs in the capital: 12 are members of Los Netas, eight belong to Trinitarios, seven are from Dominican Don’t Play (DDP) and five are from the Latin Kings.

The other two are part of La Maras gang which, according to chief police inspector Ricardo Gabaldon, is ‘not well organised in Madrid’.

Police have added that they are preparing to deport up to 94 more gang members in the coming weeks.

The Interior Ministry delegate for Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, said the expulsions hope to prevent gangs like the Netas or the Latin Kings from getting a foothold in the city.

Details of the leaders’ nationalities have not been disclosed, but the gangs are mostly made up of youths from Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Peru.

Police estimate that there are 350 gang members in Madrid and many are repeatedly arrested. The most important groups hold between 60 and 70 members.

Immigration law allows the government to annul Spanish citizenship or residency permits and deport immigrants who have committed offences, but they must be members of gangs that have been defined by the Supreme Court as criminal organisations.

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. Note to British government “This is what you do with unwanted elements” do the same and maybe your own citizens wouldn’t have to leave the country for a peaceful life.

  2. Peter, you are right. Well done Spain, perhaps this is one policy you can export to the UK. Meanwhile, the UK still can’t deport murderers, hate preachers and various other criminals who want to do us harm – how has Spain managed to do it?

    To make matters worse, the British taxpayer ends up spending thousands of pounds every year supporting these criminals and their huge families while we still have homeless people sleeping in doorways in central London.

  3. just ship those bastards to the u.s. where they’ll mix with the general population and be issued a driver’s license and healthcare, while collecting welfare benefits and committing heinous to society…thanks of course to barrack.

  4. It is a joke in the UK, conservatives talk a good story but do nothing other than spending millions per person trying to get them out and Labour are trying to get get them in the Country. You have hate preachers doing what they want here, it would make me happier if we took the same action such as Jordan. The killers of Lee Rigby should be killed by a thousand cuts, don’t make it quick for them.

  5. You are all dead to right. Problem with UK is they do not want to be seen as recist, and they will not allow whits to be racist but the foreigners and coloureds can call the Whites what ever they want. Makes me sick I got out of UK 30 yrs ago, spent 4 yrs in Palma and 26+ in New Zealand. New Zealand is the same so many People from China get all sorts of government hand outs. What realy pisses me off is when I am in our local chemist getting my prescriptions I see so many China people pulling up in BMW’s, Mercs and Lexus cars coming with prescriptions and they have a health card giving them free prescriptions, I am pensioner and I don’t get mine free.

    Good that Spain is deporting these scum, ah well my wife and I are moving to Spain later this year. For a new life.

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