THE cybercriminal group calling itself Ransom House which last month stole 4.5 terabytes of personal data from Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic is threatening an online leak of personal files of patients ‘with infectious diseases’.

The hackers say its a response to police blocking access to stolen content on the internet and they cheekily encouraged hospital patients to report the loss of their personal data.

Commenting via social media, Ransom House said: “In the coming days there will be changes that many will like but not the police.”

Police last Friday closed down a foreign portal on the ‘Dark Web’ from where information including stolen files of patients, staff, and suppliers was posted.

The cybercriminals says they will focus on data of ‘patients with infectious diseases’ and the use of ‘experimental drugs’.

“We will publish a new data package in the short term,” they promised.

Police anticipated a response after their experts blocked access to the foreign website along with refusing to pay them over €4 million for the return of the stolen data.

RansomHouse insisted that if the police action had not happened, ‘we would not have found a faster alternative for the distribution of the information’.

It also queried the legality of the police move to deny access to the site.

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