A 13-year-old boy had to be rescued after he fell 12 metres (39 feet) as he tried to clamber down Ronda’s towering Tajo gorge to the river below.

The teen slipped while trying to descend to rock pools where local kids swim in Spring and Summer.

Police were alerted and rushed to the location where the child was lying unable to move.

The victim was in an inaccessible zone, so the officers immediately called for firefighters’ support. Two soldiers that were visiting the area also helped in the operation.

The Olive Press has spoken to the Policia Nacional office in Malaga and they confirmed that two patrols took part in the rescue. 

Ronda Tajo River Rock Jump Kid Story 2
The accident occurred at Ronda´s famous rock pools.

One agent stayed with the injured teeneager and gave him first aid until the firefighters and medics arrived at the locus. 

Rescuers were able to evacuate the child, immobilized on a stretcher, to a waiting health team using a zip line set up by firefighters.

He was then evacuated on the stretcher to the upper part of the river, from where he was taken to hospital in Ronda.

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