EIGHTEEN people have been injured after the octogenarian wife of a notorious drug boss lost control of her car, crashing into a marquee in Vilanova de Arousa (Galicia). 

Digna Diaz, 81, was driving a car in which her husband, the 82-year-old drug trafficker Luis Falcon, known as ‘Falconetti’, also travelled. 

She lost control of her vehicle near a marquee where a number of people were enjoying a concert. 

The car advanced almost 20 metres inside the tent, leaving 11 injured. 

A number of attendants quickly arrived at the scene and helped the victims to get out from under the car. 

Two of them are seriously injured. A minor has been hospitalised for severe abdominal bleeding and a 66-year-old woman has been taken to the ICU with severe injuries. 

The driver tested negative for alcohol and drugs. 

“The car had been parked there before the site was fenced off. I believe she was trying to leave the area very slowly but she made a mistake. It was a human error, purely accidental,” a Guardia Civil spokesperson has told the Olive Press

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