PEDESTRIANS in Spain who walk distracted may face consequences.

According to Spanish lawmakers, pedestrians who fail to pay attention while crossing a roadway and break other basic road safety rules are liable to to face hefty fines of up to €1000.

In Spain, pedestrians as well as motorists are expected to comply with traffic and road safety laws.

According to the Traffic and Road Safety Law, a pedestrian is considered to be a ‘person who, without being a driver, travels on foot on public roads’ and can therefore be hit with fines for incorrect behaviour on the roads by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

There are a number of instances in which a pedestrian can receive a fine from the authorities, most of which are actually committed on a daily basis and include the following with their respective fine:

Crossing the street without using the zebra crossing can see an 80€ fine handed out.

Crossing the road when a traffic light is red: €200

Walking on motorways or dual carriageways: €80

Not wearing a reflective vest in the case of a breakdown: €100.

Refusing to be tested for alcohol or drugs: €1000.


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