MORE than 7,000 families will receive food assistance thanks to a collaboration between Malaga Port and the Malaga-based NGO Asaec.

Tons of agri-foodstuffs arrive at the Port of Malaga, destined for other parts of the country. However, this food does not always reach its destination and ends in landfills.

In an attempt to reduce and divert food waste from landfills and ensure that it goes to disadvantaged people, the Port of Malaga and Asaec have signed a collaboration agreement whereby the companies of the Port Community can join a solidarity programme of free distribution of perishable products, such as fruit and vegetables, among others.

This initiative is part of the commitment of the Port and its business network to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 Agenda, which aims to end poverty and inequality and at the same time protect the planet.

With this agreement, the Port and the NGO will give a new life to those foods which arrive in perfect conditions, but which for commercial reasons are rejected and end up in the rubbish dump.

“Now this food will go to families in need,” said Antonio Paneque, president of Asaec.

“A few weeks ago, 42,000 kilos of bananas arrived from South America. These were rejected for commercial reasons, but in four days these bananas were on the table of all those families in need”, the president of the association added as an example.

According to Paneque, this food will be on the table of ‘7,500 vulnerable families’, with whom the organisation works throughout the province.


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