A MAN who police convinced to leave a bar in Spain’s Andalucia, returned a few minutes to allegedly cut the neck of the owner’s father.

The violent unprovoked attack occurred last weekend in the popular holiday destination of Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol.

It all started when the suspect started to have an argument while drinking with another person at the bar that was bothering the rest of the rest of the clientele.

A local police patrol soon arrived on the scene and urged the man to leave the bar so that it would not boil over.

The man agreed and left the premises but only a few minutes later he went around the block and returned to the same bar.

At that point, the father of the owner realised he was back and approached him to tell him not to return if he was going to cause problems.

But the man replied, “I am going to cut your throat!”.

He then jumped onto the elderly man and cut his throat with a blade before running off.

The injured man went to the health centre to get treatment where he was treated for ‘a scratch in the upper neck’, according to the medical report.

The victim then went to the local police station to make a denuncia.

Less than 24 hours later, agents found the alleged attacker at his home and arrested him.


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