MONTEJAQUE, a small village in the Serrania de Ronda, has it’s very own vertigo-inducing ‘caminito.’

Lesser known that the world-famous Caminito del Rey, but just as spectacular, the Caminito de los Caballeros is a 80 metre high walkway around Los Caballeros dam, including a section at the Hundidero gorge with striking similarities to it’s better-known cousin Caminito del Rey.

The Caminito de los Caballeros route can be started just over 10 kilometres from Montejaque, in a car park on the MA-8403 road, where the first sign posts mark out where the route begins.

Bajada Cueva Hundidero Img 20200216 160155 705
Bajada Cueva Hundidero. Credit. Wikimedia Commons.

The trail is just over three kilometres long, counting the outward and return journeys, with a gradient of less than 130 metres, which takes about an hour to complete—for those who don’t stop too long to contemplate the views—but given the spectacular landscaped surroundings of the Caminito de los Caballeros and the old abandoned dam (the clay soil made it impossible for the dam to store water), it is recommended to calculate more than an hour to complete the walkway.


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