A BRITISH woman from the Mazarron area of Murcia has accused her former employer- also British- of sexual and work harassment.

The 46-year-old filed a complaint with the Guardia Civil on Monday after her boss’s wife found out what was going on and sacked her.

The victim told the Guardia that she had worked for employer for two years but the harassment started last summer when he bought her some clothes.

He gave her a pair of shorts and a top, saying that she ‘was hot’.

From that point, sexual harassment occurred on almost a daily basis.

That included the man touching her breasts, bottom and other parts of her body, as well as making indecent propositions.

He sent her phone messages of a sexual nature and even offered her cash to have oral sex, which she always rejected.

“On one occasion he put money under my bra, holding me by the hip and putting his hand in to see what colour my panties were,” the worker told the Guardia.

She stated that he bought him gifts and lent her money because he knew she was having a hard financial time but later requested sexual favours in return.

Because of her refusal, she was not paid for months and her solicitor has supplied several WhatsApp messages to the Guardia featuring conversations in which she asked him to stop harassing her-

His reply was: “I’m sorry for the things I said in the past and I regret it, because it will never happen again.”

The victim told the Guardia Civil that she had not reported the abuse earlier because she needed the money from the job.

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