RESEARCH from experts at Moving to Spain concludes that Spain is the second-best country in the whole of Europe to retire.

The analysts reviewed the cost of living, health care, average apartment prices, average annual sunshine hours, retirement visas, percentage of populations aged 65 and above, life expectancy, total blue flag sites, and global peace index scores to come to this conclusion.

With a staggering score of 7.31/10, it matches Italy’s score and closely follows Portugal’s 7.83.

Spain performed consistently across the board, making it a secure choice for your future.

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Among the 37 countries examined, Spain secured a position in the top half for an impressive seven out of nine factors, only falling below on the population of over 65s and their Global peace index. In five factors, however, Spain did remarkably well and picked up a top 10 spot.

The biggest attraction of retirement in Spain is by far the beaches and appealing weather.

On average, over the course of 365 days, Spain basks in 2,555 hours of sun—that’s over 1/4 of the year.

In regards to the coast, the country comes out on top as it has the most blue-flag beaches in the world.

Valencia as a region, with 153, has the most in Spain. Followed by Andalucia with 148 and Galicia with 125.

Photo courtesy of Moving to Spain

One aspect that is a great benefit for retirees wanting to live abroad is the availability of a retirement visa.

Thankfully, Spain is one of the mere seven countries in Europe that offer this well-established, accessible permit.

Spain also claims the second-highest life expectancy in Europe at a notable 83 years, trailing only behind Switzerland.

Exceptional and affordable healthcare are to thank for this achievement.

Spain can offer a supreme quality of life for retirees, which is why it is the most popular retirement destination for Britons; over 1,000 retirees make the move each month.


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