MARBELLA is taking steps to enhance the presence of volunteers overseeing the loggerhead turtle nest located near Puerto Banus.

In an unusual occurrence for the height of summer, a loggerhead turtle recently laid close to 70 eggs on one of Marbella’s busiest beaches.

Subsequently, a campaign was initiated to safeguard the nest.

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Currently, there are 166 registered volunteers, and the campaign aims to ensure the safe hatching of these eggs by late August or early September.

However, the goal is to enlist 300 to 400 volunteers, specifically for night shifts.

Alejandro Gonzalez, the responsible councillor, noted that the campaign is focused on engaging young people to foster environmental awareness.

Susanne Stamm, President of ProDunas, a local association dedicated to preserving Marbella’s remaining sand dunes, expressed gratitude for Marbella’s collaborative support in advancing conservation efforts.

She emphasized the current participation of 166 individuals in shifts, with a target to increase that number to accommodate nocturnal duties.

Additionally, Stamm revealed that volunteers would have the opportunity to attend an educational workshop, providing them with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and nest protection protocols.

Stamm underlined the enthusiasm of these volunteers to contribute to the well-being of nature.

Those interested in participating and registering can find more information on the Produnas website.


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