GOTA FRIA storms more typical of October and November will hit mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands this weekend.

The early arrival of bad weather has been described as ‘historic and extraordinary’ by the Meteored weather site.

It said that a ‘DANA known as a gota fria(cold drop) will be potentially serious and bring storms of abundant precipitation- with torrential rain in areas near to the Mediterranean Sea’.

Meteored added that the first autumn rainfall will not end the current drought spell but will provide some much-needed relief.

A spokesman for the state weather agency Aemet, Jose Luis Camacho, said that the weather will start chanhing from Friday with the arrival of an Atlantic trough that on Sunday will form a DANA centred in the west of the Iberian Peninsula.

“It is probable that there will be persistent and widespread precipitation, locally accompanied by storms in practically the entire country, with the exception of the Canary Islands, but there is still a ‘high uncertainty’ about the affected areas,” said Luis Camacho.

The worst day is expected to be Sunday with the storms clearing early on Monday morning.

Daytime temperatures are not expected to rise much above 25 degrees during the weekend.

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