THE summer traffic surveillance operation for 2023, conducted by the Directorate General of Traffic, has concluded in Malaga, revealing a concerning upward trend of fatal traffic accidents.

During July and August, the peak summer travel months, nine fatal road accidents have occurred in the province, leading to twelve fatalities.

Comparing this year’s data to the previous summer, the statistics are alarming. Fatal accidents have spiked by 80%, with nine fatalities this year compared to five in 2022.

A-7 one of Malaga’s busiest roads.

Additionally, accidents involving injuries also increased by 20.9%, rising from 177 in 2022 to 214 this year.

In total, there were 223 accidents reported this summer, marking a significant 22.53% increase over the 182 recorded in 2022.

A breakdown of the fatal accidents reveals the following incidents: four fatalities resulted from head-on collisions, three from rear-end collisions, two from pedestrian accidents, two from collisions with road obstacles, and one from a side-impact collision.

Distraction remains a common contributing factor in these accidents.

These distractions could include actions such as adjusting the radio station, reducing the volume on navigation controls, responding to calls or text messages, or reaching for a drink from the console.


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