MARBELLA police have rescued a bull terrier dog who miraculously survived three months locked in a storage room without food or water.

A 36-year-old man has been charged with animal abuse and told officers that the dog’s owner left Spain 18 months ago.

The animal was in a malnourished and dehydrated state and was tied to a one metre long rope.

Police went in after receiving a report that an abandoned dog was in the small unit attached to a building near Parque de la Represa.

Officers interviewed the property owner who said the dog’s owner had been living illegally in the house and left months ago, leaving the animal behind in the storage room.

The area was locked and with no access to food and water, the bull terrier had to resort to eating its own excrement.

The dog was taken to the Association of Friends of Abandoned Animals at Triple A to receive veterinary care.

A check of its microchip confirmed that the dog’s owner was a foreign citizen with a Benalmadena address, whose whereabouts are unknown.

The police said that there several infractions of the new Animal Welfare Law with maximum penalties ranging up to €10,000 for minor infractions, €50,000 for serious infractions or up to €200,000 for very serious infractions.


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