THE number of US Americans visiting and moving to Spain has been soaring in recent years. 

With more and more direct flight connections, skipping over the Atlantic for a break in España has never been easier.

Jumping on the trend, prestigious US magazine Men’s Journal has published its list of the 10 best cities to visit in the country depending on the type of traveller. 

Topping its recommendations for ‘urban explorers’ is Madrid, which it praised for having world-class museums, such as the Prado, and historic architecture – the royal family’s palace comes to mind. It recommends staying at the Palacio de los Duques Gran Melia.

Madrid is the best destination for ‘urban explorers’, according to Men’s Journal

Barcelona is branded the best city ‘for art and architecture’, thanks mostly to its Antoni Gaudi attractions, including the Sagrada de Familia, plus its gothic quarter. It recommends staying at the Mercer Hotel. 

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For those who love to hike, Mallorca is your best bet, according to the article, thanks to its ‘stunning landscapes, crystal clear waters, charming villages’ and specifically the Tramuntana mountain range. 

It recommends staying at the Sant Francesc hotel. 

For lovers of Andalucia, Sevilla tops the list for having the best culture. It describes the regional capital as a ‘passionate city’ that’s ‘full of flamenco dancing and architectural marvels’, with the Alcazar, Catedral and Santa Cruz barrio receiving special mentions – as well El Reconcillo, the city’s oldest tapas bar. 

It recommends staying at the iconic Hotel Alfonso XIII. 

Dramatic Scene Of Plaza España In Seville At Sunset
Dramatic scene of Plaza España in Seville at sunset
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Inside Sevilla’s most famous bar, El Rinconcillo (CREDIT: Laurence Dollimore)

If you’re a foodie and looking for the best paella, then you’ll need to visit Valencia, says the piece, praising the eastern city for its ‘medieval history’, ‘stunning modernity’ and ‘futuristic architecture’. 

It recommends staying at the Caro Hotel. 

The second Andalucian mention is Granada, which it brands the best option for lovers of Moorish history. The emblematic Alhambra Palace is described as the city’s ‘crown jewel’. Visitors should also stroll through the historic Albayzin neighbourhood, before spending the night at the Palacio de Santa Paula hotel. 

Elsewhere, Cordoba should top the list of those looking for a ‘historic melting pot’, with Moorish, Christian and Jewish influence visible throughout the city. 

Elsewhere, Ibiza is branded the top destination for ‘beaches and offshore nightlife’, San Sebastian the best for ‘foodies’ and Menorca the best for ‘serenity seekers’.

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