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‘You’ve aged well!’ Obama jokes with Spain’s PM on visit to Malaga

FORMER US President Barack Obama met with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez during his visit to a tech conference in Malaga and the pair...

US govt Human Rights report slams both Vox and Podemos over press ‘harassment’

THE US State Department has slammed the political parties of Vox and Podemos over their ‘concerning’ treatment of the media in the annual human...

Spain lodges formal protest as US nuclear sub chooses stop off in Gibraltar over Rota

SPAIN lodged a formal complaint on Wednesday after it emerged a US naval nuclear submarine would be stopping off in Gibraltar rather than at...

New York surpasses Spain in coronavirus cases and becomes global focus of pandemic

The state of New York had confirmed almost 160,000 cases of coronavirus.

COVID-19: Spain and US now the two countries where coronavirus is spreading fastest

In Spain each patient infects on average three other people, one of the highest rates in the world

REVEALED: The 62 countries which have introduced travel BANS or restrictions to and from Spain over coronavirus pandemic as...

THE list of countries which have introduced some form of travel ban to and from Spain has grown to at least 21.  Donald Trump announced...

Trump bans travel from Spain to US over coronavirus fears while Tom Hanks and wife test positive

DONALD Trump has banned all travel from mainland Europe to the US in a bid to slow down the coronavirus pandemic.  The ban applies to...

Spain’s Renfe wins record-breaking €5.5 BILLION contract to operate new high-speed rail link in the US

RENFE has been awarded a €5.56 billion contract to operate a high-speed rail line in the US.  The Spanish state-owned company will run the line...

US embassy in Madrid warns of ‘steady increase’ of sex attacks, telling visitors to ‘watch out’ for spiked drinks

There have been several high-profile cases of alleged sexual assault in recent years

US beefs up military presence in tiny towns in Spain’s Andalucia after Trump’s drone killing of Iran General Soleimani

Dozens of large cargo aircraft have arrived in the largest deployment since the 2003 Gulf War

American man dies after being shot at by Spanish police in Spain’s Andalucia as homicide probe launched

According to reports, the man entered the police station in a 'heightened and agitated' state while wielding a knife at midnight on Friday

Police arrest Spanish ‘gang’ after British CEOs hacked in €10 million email scam

The scam affected firms from 12 countries, including Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Chile, Belgium, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Norway and the US

Gibraltar releases seized Iranian tanker Grace 1 amid US opposition

Grace 1 had been carrying Iranian oil when it was stopped by Royal Marines on July 4, triggering an escalation with Tehran

Cockroaches are becoming IMMUNE to powerful insecticides

COCKROACHES have begun developing a cross-resistance to powerful insecticides, an alarming new study has found.  Scientists from Purdue University exposed German cockroaches to different insecticides,...

North Korea hit squad hunt US vet behind raid on embassy in Spain

Iraq veteran Chris Ahn faces extradition to Spain on charges he took part in the break at the DPRK's embassy in Madrid last February

Spain removes warship from US fleet over rising nuclear weapons tension with Iran

Plans for the Spanish boat’s use in the fleet were made a year ago, and its participation was due to last until October 31, but will now not continue

Venezuelan ex-spy chief fights extradition from Spain to US

The US are seeking to extradite Carvajal after he allegedly coordinated the transportation of 5,600 kg of cocaine bound for the US

Barack Obama and Pedro Sanchez talk migration and climate change during friendly meeting in Spain’s Andalucia

Both leaders alluded to the dangers facing Spain due to climate change

EXCLUSIVE: Criminal gang ‘cloning expats’ car keys’ on Spain’s Costa del Sol with gadgets bought from China

One British expat had €2,500 worth of speakers and equipment stolen from his van, despite NO signs of a break in

Spain SLAMMED by US official for making ‘no effort’ to return Nazi-looted art from WW2

US official adviser Stuart E Eizenstat slammed Spain for 'taking no steps' to fulfill the principles

Russia and Spain agree joint cybersecurity group against fake news

Russia and Spain want to gauge the extent of the problem of fake news and analyse it to prevent it from becoming a source of friction

WATCH: Police in Malaga seize 6,000kg cocaine hidden in bananas and recover guns and €300,000 in cash

Drug traffickers had hidden the cocaine, believed to have originated from Ecuador, underneath bananas in cardboard boxes

Budget airline goes bust leaving hundreds stranded in Spain and US

PRIMERA Air has ceased trading leaving hundreds of passengers stranded.  It comes after the budget airline began offering long-haul flights from the UK to the...

Is gin and tonic good for digestion? Spanish expert reveals all

IS gin and tonic good for your digestion? In short, no. That's according to Spanish biology professor and food technology expert Javier Morallon. Writing in Diario Sur,...

DONALD TRUMP: Spain should build wall in Sahara desert to tackle Europe migrant crisis

Spain is now the most popular entry point for migrants in the EU, accounting for 6,500 arrivals out of 12,500 in August

The Obamas are in Spain… and here’s where they are visiting

Barack Obama first fell in love with the country after enjoying a backpacking tour





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