Killed Us Man
TRAGIC: Body of American after dying outside Policia Nacional station in Sevilla, Andalucia

AN investigation has been launched following the death of an American man outside a police station in Sevilla. 

The unnamed man died after being shot at just outside the Policia Nacional station in Avenida de la Cruz del Campo, in the Nervion neighbourhood.

According to reports, the man entered the police station in a ‘heightened and agitated’ state while wielding a knife at midnight on Friday.

He then allegedly began to self-harm in front of officers and injured himself severely in the neck.

Back outside, police tried to attend to the wound but he then, according to officers, tried to attack them with the weapon.

It was then that officers fired five shots, according to statements made to investigators.

Us Man Shot
Emergency paramedics could do nothing to save the American after discovering he had already died upon arriving

However it is not yet clear how many – if any – bullets hit the American.

An autopsy will confirm the cause of death this week.

Meanwhile, two Policia Nacional agents involved in the incident are being probed for potential homicide.

They gave their statements to the Juzgado de Guardia, Court no.7 of Sevilla, just hours after the death.

They claimed when the man entered he was acting strange and shouted ‘they sprayed me with gas!’

Police sources said it was not the first time such an incident has occurred, with addicts or psychologically challenged people often entering the station late at night.

However, the situation ‘became complicated’ when the now deceased took out a knife and began to injure himself.

Police said when he pounced at them, they were forced to fire their weapons.

The agents have been allowed to return to their homes as investigators await the forensic report and the crucial cause of death.

The investigation continues…

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