PROTESTS: Feminist activists disrupted the far-right commemorations

TOPLESS feminist activists have disrupted a far-right march, marking 44 years since the death of fascist dictator General Franco. 

Six members of women’s rights group Femen bared their chests to attendees of the celebrations, organised by neo-fascist group La Falange and the far-right Alternativa Espanola in Madrid. 

The women had the slogans ‘neither honour or glory in fascism’ written on their torsos and ‘stop 20-n’ on their backs.

20-n is a reference to the date of death of both Franco and the founder of the neo-fascist La Falange, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera.  

The female protestors were stopped by police, soon after they invaded the march.  

MANHANDLED: The protestors were stopped by police

Far-right groups have resurged in Span in recent months, following the controversial exhumation of Francisco Franco, from where he was buried in the Valley of the Fallen.  

The far-right and neo-fascist group were gathered in Plaza de Oriente in the Spanish capital, when Femen activists invaded the march. 

The far-right political party Vox, which wants to take back Gibraltar from the UK and ban pro-Catalan independence groups, finished third in the Spanish election earlier this month.  

Video footage of the protest shows people attending the march calling the female protestors ‘a shame to women.’  

Femen was founded in the Ukraine in 2008. The feminist group says it aims to ‘fight patriarchy in its three manifestations – sexual exploitation of women, dictatorship and religion.’  

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